Flymaster 6015 Flight Computer

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Rok produkcji: 2017
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Tbilisi Georgia
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The 6015 is compact, rugged, ergonomic and very easy to use and is ideal for novice pilots, to pilots starting out in competition, as well as aerospace parachute performance testing.

Integrated high sensitivity, 20 channel GPS

Highly responsive vario with intelligent filtering

User customizable audio and flight functions

Automatic tracklog recording up to 50 flights and 291 hrs*

200 waypoints and 1 Route*

Competition route with turnpoint archived notification

Scrolling altitude and vario graph

Graphic display of average climb rate

Nascent/near thermal tone

Return to last thermal pointer, bearing and distance

Bearing compass with wind speed and direction

Sleek, compact and rugged housing

User-friendly keypad and menu

40 hours on 2 AA alkaline batteries

USB port and FlyChart license included

Downloadable instrument options and upgrades

Superb RF shielding

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